Small Paper Tea Filter Bags - 100ct
Small Paper Tea Filter Bags - 100ct $5.90
These tea filter bags are the easiest way to enjoy our loose leaf teas. Tried and true, they are fine enough to not let any leaves through and do not impart any kind of paper taste. These small filters are perfect for a single cup of tea and can be used for multiple infusions.
Large Cold Brew/Tea Filters
Large Cold Brew/Tea Filters $6.95
Experience a hassle-free tea experience with Large Cold Brew/Tea Filters. Perfect for on-the-go use, these paper tea filters fit most cups and teapots, with an elongated back and short front that eliminates the need for a filter holder. Your tea will unfurl perfectly in each cup with no clean-up required. Made of taste-neutral German wood and hemp fibers, they come 50 count packs. Enjoy a delicious cup of loose leaf tea or cold brew with ease. Each individual large filter is 8 inches tall by 4 inches wide.  
Masala Chai Tea Concentrate
Masala Chai Tea Concentrate $14.00
Our chai super concentrate is masterfully crafted in small batches from loose leaf tea and whole spices in our brewery. No artificial ingredients or extracts of any kind are used. Excellent warm or cold, sweetened or unsweetened when combined in one-to-three ratio with your milk of choice.  Each super-concentrated bottle contains 13 full servings. Ingredients: Filtered Water, Sugar, Assam Black Tea, An Infusion of Freshly Milled Spices, Malic Acid