Masala Chai Tea Concentrate
Masala Chai Tea Concentrate $14.00
Our chai super concentrate is masterfully crafted in small batches from loose leaf tea and whole spices in our brewery. No artificial ingredients or extracts of any kind are used. Excellent warm or cold, sweetened or unsweetened when combined in one-to-three ratio with your milk of choice.  Each super-concentrated bottle contains 13 full servings. Ingredients: Filtered Water, Sugar, Assam Black Tea, An Infusion of Freshly Milled Spices, Malic Acid
Two Brothers Coffee Club
Two Brothers Coffee Club from $13.99
Let us send you (or your gift recipient) a great coffee that we're currently drinking at our Roastery/Brewery. Sign up for a recurring order to get in the club and we'll send a different coffee each month! You no longer need to run out of coffee OR become bored with what you drink everyday. This is the best deal we offer and one that your recipient will certainly appreciate every morning! Roast level varies from coffee to coffee
PRE-ORDER: Studio Series Elite Holiday Box
PRE-ORDER: Studio Series Elite Holiday Box $39.99
PLEASE NOTE! This coffee is for PRE-ORDER ONLY. This coffee will roast on December 13th and will be available for pickup/shipping as of December 15th. Only 45 boxes will be created, and this is one not to be missed. Coffee: Mexico Oaxaca Origin: San Mateo Yoloxochitlan, Oaxaca, Mexico  Roast Level: Medium Process: Double fermented and double washed Notes: Fudge, plum, Meyer lemon, grapefruit, hard candy, vanilla extract Description: This coffee is deep and rich, but with a decadent texture. Anticipated notes of chocolate and caramel are dwarfed by stone fruit and citrus flavors – plum, grapefruit, and Meyer lemon. One of the things we appreciate about this coffee is its versatility. There's a harmonious balance between the dense fudgy body and citrus flavors. We found a lush richness that felt nearly cake-like and creamy, or like sucking on a hard candy. Brewed on a V60, we found more complexity in the cup versus an automatic drip brew. As espresso, the sweetness shines. It's sure to be enjoyable, no matter the brewing method used.  Background: This particular lot comes from families living near the town of San Mateo Yoloxochitlán who cultivate coffee on farms with just a few acres. Known as the Sierra Mazateca de Oaxaca, this growing region is located in the northernmost corner of Oaxaca where the local population still wear traditional indigenous clothing and intercrop coffee with bananas, corn, beans, and fruit trees. During the harvest, each producer follows a strict protocol which includes picking cherries at optimum ripeness, hand sorting, and floating in a salt solution to remove damaged, undeveloped beans and inoculate the cherries before macerating for 48 hours. Next the beans are depulped, and fermented for 24 hours while submerged in water. After fermentation, the parchment is washed and placed on patios or raised beds to slowly dry to 11%. 
Twelve Days of Christmas Box - BUY SOON! SELLING FAST!
Twelve Days of Christmas Box - BUY SOON! SELLING FAST! $49.99
Skip the Partridge in a Pear Tree - 'tis the season for great coffee! Enjoy the Two Brothers Coffee Roasters Twelve Days of Christmas Box, featuring 12 different specialty coffee blends and single origins including "Festivus" an exclusive Roaster's Choice only available in this box. Whole Bean is already sold out, but luckily, we still have a few boxes of Ground (2oz) bags (total of 12)! They won't last long! GOLDEN TICKET: ONE Golden Ticket will be included on the last day of one single box, which will entitle the winner to 1 free 12oz bag of Coffee Club coffee shipped at no charge each month during 2024!! Will YOU be the winner? 
Midnight Clear Limited Seasonal
Midnight Clear Limited Seasonal from $14.99
Aroma - Dark chocolate, baker's spices, clove, vanilla extract, maple syrup, black cherry, waffle batter, caramel, hazelnut, sweet cream. Taste/notes - Toffee bark, dark chocolate, black cherry, vanilla pod, baker's spices, maple syrup, roasted almonds, sticky buns. Description - This year's Midnight Clear tastes like all the holidays past, present, and future. 'Tis the season for heavy, thick, and syrupy body and sweet winter flavors that will remind you of that pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving, or those waffles on Christmas morning topped with a mountain of whipped cream and maple syrup cascading down. Pairs well with turkey on Thanksgiving, standing in line outside in the cold for those sweet deals, and Christmas day while reading that new book on the couch under a heavy blanket while the fireplace roars. Simply not to be missed.
White Sky Seasonal
White Sky Seasonal from $13.99
Seasonal Offering from October through March Notes: Dark chocolate, almond, dried cherry and raw sugarOrigin: Papua New Guinea, Colombia, and BrazilProcess: Washed and naturalMedium - Medium Dark Roast level Fall into fall and cozy up to a fire place this winter with a hot mug of White Sky. This year's White Sky seasonal blend brings a rich, syrupy, and full body together with heavy notes of dark chocolate, almond, and raw sugar. In the aftertaste, a subtle note of dried cherry makes for a simple yet complex cup. You'll be left asking yourself how the coffee pot is already empty on those chilly mornings. Pairs well with falling leaves and holiday ruckus.
Sweet Home Chicago
Sweet Home Chicago from $12.99
Created out of a love for our fair city, Sweet Home Chicago is a medium-roasted coffee that offers plenty of sweetness and walnut balanced by a delicious creamy body.   Notes: Milk chocolate, stone fruit, pecan Origin: Colombia Cauca, Brazil Process: Washed and natural Medium Roast Level 
Brewhouse Blend®
Brewhouse Blend® from $12.99
Our signature house blend is named after the place it was conceived. Comprised of wonderfully-sweet coffees from the Americas and Africa, it presents with stone fruit sweetness gently-balanced by hints of walnut and caramel. Notes: Stone fruit, caramel, walnut Origin: Colombia, Peru, Ethiopia Process: Washed & Natural Medium Roast Level  This blend's components will change throughout the season but the flavor profile will remain similar all year round.
Brewhouse Dark®
Brewhouse Dark® from $12.99
Our flagship dark roast. A smoky, earthy, take-no-prisoners version of our signature blend that still finds room to offer plenty of sweetness. Excellent when paired with dairy. Notes: Dark chocolate, cinnamon, roasty Origin: Colombia, Peru, Papua New Guinea Process: Washed & natural  Dark Roast Level This blend's components will change throughout the season but the flavor profile will remain similar all year round.
Morning Drive
Morning Drive from $12.99
Your travel mug wants to carry coffee like this. Vanilla bean, melted caramel, and cocoa stand tall in this collection of Central and South American coffees. Shake up your morning with this truly spectacular blend. Notes: Milk chocolate, sugar cane, citrus Origin: Colombia Cauca and Narino Process: Washed Light Roast Level
Fossil Fuel™ - A Field Museum Collaboration
Fossil Fuel™ - A Field Museum Collaboration from $14.99
Experience History in a Cup! The original Arabian Mokha Java blend dates back to the 1700's where the combination of coffees from the areas of Yemen and Java comprised the world's first-known coffee blend.  We continue that tradition today in Fossil Fuel™ with a slightly modern take on that historical union by using naturally processed coffees from Ethiopia and Papua New Guinea. These coffees mount a complex, wild, yet timeless cup that serves as a looking glass to the beginnings of modern coffee culture. We're proud of this collaboration between the Field Museum and Two Brothers Coffee Roasters. We hope you enjoy a coffee experience that is historically-relevant, and dare-we-say, impeccably delicious. Medium Roast
Papua New Guinea Sigri Estate
Papua New Guinea Sigri Estate from $13.99
Notes: Dark chocolate, almond, cedar, earthy, red wine Origin: Wahgi Valley, Papua New Guinea Process: Washed Medium Roast Description: This fresh crop Papua New Guinea has a bold and syrupy body that finishes with a red wine acidity; ideal for the fall and winter season or as a cold brew. On the table we got strong notes of cedar, dark chocolate, almond, dry red wine, and an aroma of soil after a fresh rainfall.  Background: Coffees bearing the Sigri name are grown at a minimum of 1550 MASL. Sigri Coffees are washed Arabica coffees and undergo a rigorous wet factory process. Quality control begins in the field; each and every coffee cherry is hand-picked, carefully checked for uniformity, and must be red and fully ripe. This attention to detail when picking the coffee cherry allows for the correct balance of sugar and acid within the cherry. The selected cherry is then pulped on the day of picking (which is rare in Papua New Guinea and the greater Indonesian region).  At Sigri Estate, the fermentation process takes place over a period of three days and is divided every 24 hours by a washing. This follows a total immersion in water for an additional day. After the 24 hours of submersion, the green coffee goes through a careful conditioning of 21 days followed by hulling, grading, color sorting and finally hand sorting. Each of these steps combined with rigorous quality control before picking produces some of the best green coffee beans from Papua New Guinea.
Stomping Ground Espresso®
Stomping Ground Espresso® from $12.99
If espresso was music, you could say Stomping Ground Espresso® is the midrange. A classic, American-style espresso, it is a celebration of apricots, dark and milk chocolate, macadamia nut and citrus notes. Notes: Apricot, dark chocolate, macadamia nut Origin: Brazil, Peru, Ethiopia, Papua New Guinea Process: Washed and natural Medium Roast Level  
Maelstrom Cold Brew ®
Maelstrom Cold Brew ® from $12.99
With a medium body and low acidity, our flagship cold brew blend offers a clean profile accented with milk chocolate, toffee, and almond. Notes: Milk chocolate, stone fruit, pecan Origin: Colombia Cauca, Brazil Process: Washed and natural Medium Roast Level  We currently only offer our cold brew in bean form - not canned or bottled. We do brew it weekly at our Roundhouse Brewery in Aurora, IL and keg it for cafes and restaurants in the greater Chicagoland area.
Leviathan Cold Brew ®
Leviathan Cold Brew ® $12.99
Up from the murky depths comes the Leviathan, our cold brew blend with the heaviest body and lowest acidity. Gargantuan notes of dark, bittersweet chocolate fuse with caramelized sugar to create a complex, rich cold brew you will return to again and again. Notes: Dark chocolate, caramelized sugar Origin: Colombia Cauca and Narino Process: Washed Dark Roast Level  We currently only offer our cold brew in bean form - not canned or bottled. We do brew it weekly at our Roundhouse Brewery in Aurora, IL and keg it for cafes and restaurants in the greater Chicagoland area.